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Garden Bioblitz final total


Nothing to do with running, but I’ve got to the end of totalling up all the plants and animals found living wild in my medium-sized garden.  Most of it is only a few metres wide, on a steep bank behind the house.  As mentioned before, it includes a small pond, as well as some mature trees (it is on the site of what used to be an orchard, so includes two very old perry pear trees), some hedge and quite a few shrubs.  Part of the lawn (which was originally orchard) still has wild flowers like Lady’s Smock and Lady’s Bedstraw and Meadow Ants’ nests, and we have several log-piles that have been left to rot for beetles and other beasties.  Wildlife, including weeds, are encouraged.

Red Dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum

Red Dead-nettle, Lamium purpureum










The grand total was… 127!  (And looking through the photos to find one for on here, I’ve seen several more things that didn’t get named.  Next time.)

That includes 12 species of birds, 64 flowering plants, 22 insects, 6 molluscs, 3 spiders, 6 mosses and four crustaceans! (3 woodlouse species and a water-slater – like a woodlouse but in the pond.)  It doesn’t include any garden plants, not even ones that self-seed themselves – that would have added quite a few more on.  It took ages, but was really enjoyable.  The ispot website was great for identifying things I didn’t know (particularly the animals).  Our Great Crested Newt did not deign to show his face, so he isn’t included, but we did see him last week when visitors came round.

So next year, how about having a go – you don’t need to know loads of plants and animals, or spend ages on it.  Even recording just a few common ones is a good start.

I love wildlife.  🙂


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

5 thoughts on “Garden Bioblitz final total

  1. I’m loving your garden photos, expecially the frog, brilliant photography.

  2. Love you pictures, they look like the ones I have on my phone. I took some new ones today on my walk. I think maybe I will include them in todays post. Thanks!

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