Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Running mojo goes walkabout


Well I did run, so that’s something, I suppose, and for half an hour – though it was slow even by my standards, so I only covered 2 miles (3.2km). Garmin tells me it was 19 C, which seems about right – pretty warm in the sunshine, as there wasn’t much shade.

Earlier on, I went for a short amble on my way home from walk (must have covered all of 200m in 20 minutes), which was really lovely – some less-common wild flowers, such as Sanicle, Valerian and Hairy Violet, lots of birds singing and a hairy caterpillar too.

Cow Parsley in a country lane

It was lovely out, but on my run, I just kept thinking about my calves being tired, being hot and sticky, and wondering why I was doing it. I wanted to stop and look at butterflies, beetles, flowers and birds. Maybe when it’s sunny I need to just do very short runs, and longer walks, and enjoy the scenery more.

So… Should I keep running, so my legs don’t forget how, or ease off in warm weather, and enjoy the wildlife?


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

4 thoughts on “Running mojo goes walkabout

  1. I completely empathize.Bet I can beat you for slowness too!!Mixing up the runs a bit-doing different types of runs and in different places helps me through a hump.But,whatever you do,don’t stop blogging!

  2. You are a wonderful photographer, keep those lovely photos coming there is nothing quite like wild flowers on the road side and butterflies too, not so keen on the beetles. Don’t stop jog/walking and don’t stop the photos coming.

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