Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Flora group walk


Went out for the day with the county flora group,  surveying a rather lovely meadow.  Walked a bit over 2 miles at a very slow pace.  We found lots of lovely plants, including the very strange fern, Adderstongue.  We also found Pignut, Dropwort, Bugle and lots of all three common buttercups.  Despite the sunshine, I only saw one butterfly – a Small White, but I did see a small frog.

Drybank Meadow

Drybank Meadow near Shipston

DSC04962 Adderstongue Fern

Adderstongue Fern

Goatsbeard - a very pale one

A very pale Goatsbeard flower.


A soldier beetle

A soldier beetle reading the Flower Guide blurb


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

7 thoughts on “Flora group walk

  1. Another lovely interesting blog, I’m learning more every day reading these, photos again wonderful to see. Do you know your soldier beetle didn’t make me cringe either, love the idea of him reading about nature in his home land!!

    • Glad you were OK with the beetle! I have taken some great snail and slug photos too, but am aware that some people really don’t like them! (I don’t like them eating my plants, but I’ll put up with a few so the birds can eat them.) Also some woodlice, but my daughter really hates those, so guess others might be a bit wary too. They are all fascinating close up though.

  2. You take beautiful photos – what are you using?

    • Erm… I’ll go and have a look! It’s a Sony HX-200V. A bridge camera, apparently. A bit up from a compact, but not a digital SLR. I used to have a (an?) SLR, which I loved, then went to digital compacts, but I really wanted to be able to take sharp close-ups (some of these weren’t very sharp because I’d got suncream on the lens I think – urgh!) It self-focuses, but you can move the focus point around on the viewfinder screen, so it doesn’t have to be in the centre.

      Thanks. 🙂

  3. I didn’t have much idea either, I just went into a good camera shop (not a big chain) and asked for a recommendation for one to take pictures of flowers and insects. It wasn’t cheap, mind, and the camera on my phone does a pretty good job too, now that I’ve worked out that I need to set it to ‘close-up’ and that holding it too close doesn’t work very well). I’ve even discovered today that I can take photos down a microscope with it! (I’m that much of a wildlife geek that I have a (cheap) binocular microscope and a proper microscope.) Very satisfying taking close-ups. 🙂

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