Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Roundabout delight

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We visited a nearby road cutting that is managed for wildlife.  Rather limited Juneathon activity, but good exercise for ankles on the steep banks.  When the new road was built 20 years or so ago, instead of adding topsoil and grass seed, the banks were deliberately left bare, for plants to recolonise naturally.  Now it is a particularly good place to find wild flowers, and the insects that visit them.

Bug's eye view of the footpath to the roundabout and cutting

Bug’s-eye view of footpath to the road cutting, with red clover flower

DSC04994 Sherardia arvensis Field Madder

Field Madder, Sherardia arvensis
Tiny pink flowers about 2 mm across

Leontodon hispidus Rough Hawkbit

Rough Hawkbit, Leontodon hispidus

vetch ants buttercups and daisies

Common Vetch, with black ants feeding from the nectaries on the leaves.

Dingy Skipper

Dingy Skipper butterfly
Quite a rare species. These are very small butterflies that move very fast, and are hard to see!


Burnet Moth caterpillar

Wild Carrot in bud

Wild Carrot, in bud.
Beautifully lacy

Common Spotted Orchid Dactyorhiza fuchsii

Common Spotted Orchid, Dactyorhiza fuchsii
They were just coming into flower.

Latticed Heath moth

Latticed Heath moth
A small but striking moth




Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

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