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Bit of a gap

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Warm weather and tired legs have meant a lack of exercise over the last week, so I’ve not kept up with my Juneathon at all well.  The tired legs are probably a combination of not enough sleep and maybe, the effect of changing my diet to include oats.  For the first six months or so, I didn’t eat oats, as some coeliacs respond to the avenin in oats as well as the gluten in wheat.  Now that my blood tests have shown that I’ve got the gluten thoroughly out of my system, I can try gluten-free oats (grown and packaged away from wheat), then have another blood test.  I need to get that booked up, as I have a suspicion that maybe my insides aren’t so keen on the oats – which would be a great pity, as I really like them.

Anyway, I did go out today, and did a short run – only about 1.5 km, but better than nothing.  It was all hard work though, and I can’t honestly say I enjoyed it.

Still,  I did see the Yellow Flags flowering by the river.  Yesterday I saw three different damselflies there, but they were all too far away for good photos (Large Red, Blue-tailed and Azure).

Yellow Flag flower

Yellow flag – wild iris, growing by a small river near my house


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

One thought on “Bit of a gap

  1. I love those Yellow Flag Irises. Thank you for naming them properly for me on my blog. As to oats, wheat and all that. I felt much better once I gave up porridge. I`d blamed bread but more recently think my digestive issues are actually down to oats. Good luck with figuring it all out.

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