Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside


Ribbit, Ribbit. Admiring the flowers

I was reading Brookend Cottage’s blog about her garden, and her daughter’s sunflowers, and it reminded me of this little story.

We’d been to a ‘pick-your-own’ sunflower field near us.  It was amazing to walk through a whole field of taller-than-me flowers.  We picked a bunch for my mum’s birthday.  As it was quite warm, I left them on the back doorstep overnight.  In the morning, I had a surprise…

frog on sunflower

On our back doorstep – a frog sitting on a sunflower!

Well, that was three years ago, but it seemed a pity not to share the picture.

Today’s flowers are some late sweet-peas – I thought they’d all finished a while ago, but these are still hanging on and smelling divine. Our Gertrude Jekyll rose is having a second flush of flowers too – another good flower for sniffing.

Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas and an aster

Gertrude Jekyll rose

Gertrude Jekyll rose – she has a bit of black spot, but smells wonderful



Shiny, shiny apple

Tada!  Our first apple of the year, picked yesterday evening.  Supposed to be ready in September, but I couldn’t resist trying one, as they were so red already – just look at that polish!  We have about ten different varieties grown as cordons against a wall, so plenty more apple pics to come.  Not quite fully ripe yet, but tasty all the same.

red apple

Discovery (whoops) Scrumptious apple

Yay!  I ran 5k again today, only the second time this month, and about the tenth one ever, since the first one back in February.  Can’t say I enjoyed it much – from about 2 minutes in, I was ready to stop, and my calves were complaining much more than usual, I suppose from the lack of practice at longer runs, so serves me right.

Still, at about 25 minutes I realised I wasn’t thinking about my legs or my breathing any more – I was thinking about blogs, and what makes us think the way we do about things – but I will save the details for a few days, so as not to pre-empt someone else’s interesting project.  Watch this space for more information next week.  🙂  (No giving it away now!)

So, with that distraction, instead of stopping at 30 minutes, I kept going until I’d done 5k, which took me 45 minutes, which is ok.  Had another apple as a reward, and some lemon and lime curd on a rice-cake.  Nom nom nom.   🙂

PS  Just edited apple name – I got mixed up.  Discovery looks similar and is also an early variety.


A sad brown lime has a yummy ending

Trundling around the blogosphere using my newfound Topic searching skills I came across Sheryl’s Being Fifty-something post on making lime curd from an excess of limes.

My first thought was that I only had one lime. And it was shrivelled and brown (ok, I should have thrown it away last week).


Does this look appetising? My sad little lime.

But I’d got the taste in my mind…  It’s years since I’ve made a citrus curd.  She’d also blogged about the importance of adults playing, and making just one jar sounded like play.

So here it is, one little pot of lemon and lime curd (no blueberries were hurt in preparation of this curd – The Blueberry Co makes a very tasty blueberry and lavender spread, but it didn’t last long).

The lime had so little juice that I sloshed in some lemon juice from a bottle. But it tastes mmmmmmmmmmmm.  Sheryl’s recipe came from here.  I cooked it in a pyrex bowl over a pan of boiling water, rather than directly in the pan.

Jar of lemon and lime curd

Lemon and lime curd


Ahhhh! So that’s how the Topics bit works…

Apologies to everyone who found this entirely obvious. I didn’t so maybe someone else will find it useful too.

I’ve just read Follow that… author and suddenly realised how the Topics bit of the reader works…

The post is about looking for authors (which I shall try out in a minute) but I’d only used the Topics column to do one-off searches for blogs to follow – I honestly hadn’t registered that they were still there, and if I click on them again, it is updated with new blogs on the same theme. I thought it was just a left-over list of what I’d done before… I get it now. Really rather too obvious.

Well, I did say I was slow. 🙂


Get outside

I think this pretty much sums up my running. I ran a mile again today, and then a little bit more, just to prove to myself that I don’t need to stop at a mile. So far this month I’ve run 16 times, which is way better than the three runs in July. Even if most of those runs were only a mile – and ‘only’ is the funny bit, I suppose. For 53 years of my life, I didn’t think I could run a hundred yards.


Red line on my new iMac – procrastination topic

Daily prompt: Procrastination

On Friday, after being pushed by my Apple-loving daughters,and the hope that a bigger screen would be better for my posture and my eyesight, I finally decided that my new computer was going to be Continue reading