Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

6 months from ‘graduation’ – and a caterpillar with a turquoise horn


This is just a post for me with lots of numbers in (and a caterpillar).  I say I don’t care how fast I run, but I’m not sure it’s quite true.  🙂

I completed the NHS couch to 5k programme six months ago today, so to celebrate, I decided I should re-run the same route.

On February 13th, I ran 2.58 miles (4.15k) at 15:30 min/mile.  I ran for forty minutes – I did an extra ten minutes to prove to myself that I didn’t need to stop at thirty.

Today I ran for thirty minutes (my knee was beginning to complain, so I didn’t carry on past 30), 2.24 miles, at 13:25 min/mile.  Not quite as fast as I managed in the middle of the 5×50 challenge in May (a parkrun at 13:21) but good enough to make me feel I am making progress.

Slow and steady.  🙂

Finished painting two windows today too, and found this strange caterpillar while sweeping up the car-parking space.  I think it’s probably a hawk-moth of some sort.  Amazing turquoise colour.

Maybe a hawk-moth caterpillar

Caterpillar with turquoise horn on it’s tail-end – probably some sort of hawk-moth



Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

4 thoughts on “6 months from ‘graduation’ – and a caterpillar with a turquoise horn

  1. A good day for everything it seems-running, windows and turquoise horns. Oh, and pic! You must have some very special lense to get that close up shot. Fantastic!

    • Yes, a good day. I even managed to rein in my perfectionism, so the windows didn’t take 4 hours each. 🙂 I do love my camera – it’s the same lens for all my pictures, it just zooms in and out really well (then sometimes a bit of cropping afterwards).

      Tomorrow should be good too – I’m off to buy chocolate to make Red Hen’s chocolate roulade. 🙂

  2. As some one who has trouble running to answer the phone, I admire any one that can run any distance! The caterpillar is an interesting one for sure.

    • Thanks for commenting. I found another hawkmoth caterpillar on holiday – an Elephant Hawkmoth, with huge staring eyes. It was about 4 inches long and thicker than my fingers. Huge!

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