Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Four lots of four minutes


Last night, I went to collect my younger daughter from the station, and while I was waiting, I did a bit of jogging, including a couple of bursts of speed (for all of thirty seconds or so).  I really rather enjoyed the fast bits, even though my shins ached afterwards – served me right for not warming up enough.

One of my online running buddies, Oldgirl, has joined a running group, Jog Scotland, and they’ve been doing training sessions of 4 minute runs with 2 minutes recovery.  Sounded like I could manage that, and it would make a change for running a mile.  Another NHS couch to 5k ‘graduate’, Aftabs, has also been using intervals to build pace, and walking breaks have recently been mentioned on  Fit for a Year but it isn’t something I’ve really tried before.  So, time to try something new.

It was raining this morning – a good opportunity for some faster running.  It’s been a while since I’ve run in the rain – it was lovely.  Even when a car went through a puddle and splashed me – I just laughed!

I did a longer warm up walk than usual, and then off I went, really running as fast as I could, heart-rate going up higher than usual.  Four minutes seemed longer than I’d expected it to!  The first run was along pavements, with a couple of blind corners, so I was happy with the 11:37 min/mile pace.

Two minutes walking did feel just about enough to bring my heart rate back down to a comfortable level, then off I went again.  I did three more lots of four minutes –  10:35 , 11:05 and 11:27 min/mile (the mile I ran yesterday took 12:16).  I nearly didn’t do the last one, as I had to turn round and head back away from home again, and I’d nearly had enough, but I’m glad I did, as it wasn’t as slow as I’d thought it would be.

pace and heart-rate

Pace and heart-rate on the second 4 minute run

It’s reassuring to see my heart rate recovery during the walks.

Heart rate recovery

Heart rate recovery during walk

This seems a good way to edge up the pace that my legs expect to run at – in total I ran 1.45 miles, but faster than when I run a mile.

Well, after all that, I decided I deserved a reward – a Mrs Crimble’s jam coconut ring.  Yummy.

Oh. just checked the packet:  Jam coconut ring – 723 calories.  My running and walking (according to Garmin) – 243 calories.  Hey ho – I’d better not have too much lunch!


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

2 thoughts on “Four lots of four minutes

  1. Wowee what a star you are, well done for giving the intervals a try. I must admit I haven’t run this fast in ages its amazing what intervals will do to pull out a faster pace. It just seems to be a mind over matter thing, because its a shorter time span I got into a faster mode because knew I would be recovering for 2 minutes. Now I have to see what sort of a time I can do a 5K in!?! I’m not looking for any miracles though. Have a nice weekend, happy running.

    • Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂 This is being added from my brand-new iMac – but I have to take it back because it has a red line down the screen…. Argh!

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