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Red line on my new iMac – procrastination topic


Daily prompt: Procrastination

On Friday, after being pushed by my Apple-loving daughters,and the hope that a bigger screen would be better for my posture and my eyesight, I finally decided that my new computer was going to be a desktop iMac rather than a laptop. So, off to the shops we went. A new computer has to be about the best procrastination tool ever.

Saturday was rather frustrating, as it developed a red line down the screen, but as I’d had the last one in the shop, I spent a frustrating hour on the phone and online trying to find out where I could take it back next week to get a new one.

But today, the red line has gone again… So – do I still take it back (when I’ve figured out where to go) or do I risk this one being ok now? Any advice welcomed!

Taking it back seems most sensible, as if it’s done it once, I suspect it may do it again, but it’s more hassle. I’ve still got to take it in to get all my files transferred/converted from my old laptop (I could have done it myself, but the cost of a new backup drive was more than the transfer fee).

Anyway, a new computer – not to mention the changeover to appledom after all these years of microsoft – is amazingly effective procrastination fodder. Not much useful is going to get done over the next few days.

My first home computer was a BBC B in the mid 1980s, though my work was computer-based from mid 1982, so I’ve had to work with a lot of different systems over the years. But this seems the biggest leap.

I’m slowly getting used to new shortcut keys (ugh – but I can now do delete!), but it’ll take me a while to get used to iPhoto and iMovie. I keep having to have a break to calm down. I’ve even done 24 circuits up and down our stairs for a break.

The screen is beautiful – once I’ve got all my photos transferred I’m going to have fun seeing them in all their glory. Videos are great too, though I couldn’t find the tutorial (now rescued by daughter) and spent a crazy amount of time getting nowhere. I am not finding any of this intuitive at all (eg – to find the search function, which is called ‘searchlight’, I click ‘cmd’ and the spacebar?!), but I expect it will grow on me.

Any thoughts out there about red lines?


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

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