Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Shiny, shiny apple


Tada!  Our first apple of the year, picked yesterday evening.  Supposed to be ready in September, but I couldn’t resist trying one, as they were so red already – just look at that polish!  We have about ten different varieties grown as cordons against a wall, so plenty more apple pics to come.  Not quite fully ripe yet, but tasty all the same.

red apple

Discovery (whoops) Scrumptious apple

Yay!  I ran 5k again today, only the second time this month, and about the tenth one ever, since the first one back in February.  Can’t say I enjoyed it much – from about 2 minutes in, I was ready to stop, and my calves were complaining much more than usual, I suppose from the lack of practice at longer runs, so serves me right.

Still, at about 25 minutes I realised I wasn’t thinking about my legs or my breathing any more – I was thinking about blogs, and what makes us think the way we do about things – but I will save the details for a few days, so as not to pre-empt someone else’s interesting project.  Watch this space for more information next week.  🙂  (No giving it away now!)

So, with that distraction, instead of stopping at 30 minutes, I kept going until I’d done 5k, which took me 45 minutes, which is ok.  Had another apple as a reward, and some lemon and lime curd on a rice-cake.  Nom nom nom.   🙂

PS  Just edited apple name – I got mixed up.  Discovery looks similar and is also an early variety.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

7 thoughts on “Shiny, shiny apple

  1. That`s an apple fit for Snow White. Oh, I hope you`re not the wicked witch! 😉
    Do you listen to the radio/podcasts as you run? You`d enjoy that and it would take your mind off the grind! Yes, it`s a grind!

    • I haven’t used my ipod since February – I found it annoying mostly, but I might try downloading some talk programmes instead of music. I’ve no idea how you run for so many miles!

  2. I agree it is helpful to trick your mind in to thinking something pleasant rather than focusing on pain or negative thoughts. However, many people dislike listening to music while running because for them it is not in harmony with their breathing. I am the opposite I need music while I exercise. Anyways, I was going to comment on your lovely apple. How exciting: it is really Your apple. That must feel good every time you pick these beauties off the tree. Any plans for apple pie?

    • The cooking apples won’t be ready for a while yet, but when they are, stewed apples will definitely be on the menu. Maybe with blackberries.

      I haven’t yet managed a very successful gluten-free pastry (though I haven’t exactly tried very hard), so maybe not apple pie for me. Now you’ve mentioned it though, I think I might try again with pastry, because I do love apple pie. 🙂

      • Gluten-free baking is the new thing! 😉

      • It’s surprised me how much the range of gf goods has increased just in the past year, since I was diagnosed as coeliac. ‘Gluten-free’ as a ‘health’ diet has pushed companies to be much more gf-friendly, and there’s often at least one gf choice in cafes now. One place that didn’t have any, even offered to make me scrambled eggs with soya milk, which was rather sweet of them! A bit of an odd substitute for cake, but at least they tried. 🙂

      • I think in Western countries the situation is getting better and better. And the attitude of people can be very understanding and kind which is also great…

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