Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

A wonderful breezy autumn run


A couple more rainbow pictures added from this afternoon, to this morning’s run report.

double rainbow

Double rainbow over Sumach (Rhus typhina)

Rainbow over Rowan

Rainbow over Rowan tree

Well, I was inspired by ‘juicyju’ the panther-runner on c25k, who was doing a half-marathon today. Others c25k-ers on Facebook had pledged to run at the same time, to give her moral support. As I’ve not run at all for four weeks (and then only for twenty minutes) I decided to push myself to get back out and do a bit of a run, even if it was only ten minutes. I went out before breakfast (I suspected I might not do it if I didn’t get going straight away), so a bit before the 10 o’clock start for the others.

The thought of all those other virtual running buddies pushing themselves to run ridiculous distances kept me going and going, and I did 5k! I am soooooo pleased! It’s two months since I last did that, so my joints will probably be reminding me all about it in a couple of days, but they were fine while I kept going. The pace was (of course) slow and steady, but I kept going for 47 minutes.

I just kept thinking that at least I wasn’t doing 10k or a half-marathon. I nearly stopped at 30 minutes, but then noticed it wasn’t quite ten o’clock, and it seemed a pity to have stopped when everyone else was about to begin, so I carried on, and then it seemed silly not to go all the way to 5k – though I can now see that meant I did more than half as much again!  Not sure I’d have done it, if I’d realised that at the time, but it just goes to show that bodies can often do a lot more than we think.

It was lovely out – sunny and blowy, perfect temperature for running.  I have always loved autumn – all the leaf colours and hedgerow fruits really brighten things up.  I must remember to take a hair-tie when I run though, as I kept getting mouthfuls of hair – yuk!

I didn’t take the camera on the run, but here are two pictures from the garden after I got back.

Rough Woodlouse - Porcellio scaber

Rough Woodlouse (Porcellio scaber) on moss (Grimmia pulvinata).  This makes me think of Dr Who monsters.

young frog

Young frog, about 5 cm long. I found him underneath a piece of spare pond-liner that we’ve left out on some bricks and grass, in the hope of attracting snakes. Until now, all we’ve found has been ant nests – black ants and yellow meadow ants. I imagine the frog had been feasting happily.

Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

10 thoughts on “A wonderful breezy autumn run

  1. “Bodies can often do a lot more than we think” Too true! In fact, I`d be happy if I could just switch off that darned thinking bit while I run. Well done on pushing yourself. It ain`t easy.

    • Couldn’t agree more about the switching off the thinking, though sometimes I do zone out a bit, which is great. Trying to work out whether the flock of birds were skylarks or something else was a good distraction. Not that I worked the answer out though!

  2. Great photos! Beautiful day for a run 🙂

  3. Wonderful close-up of a roly-poly! Love it! And the rainbows. 🙂

    • Seeing your comment in my inbox, I couldn’t for the life of me think what a roly-poly was! (Jam roly-poly? Maybe not!) I think these ones don’t roll up though – I shall have to go out for a hunt to find a rolling one… When I did the bioblitz (in June I think), listing all the plants and animals I could find wild in my garden, I think I had three different woodlouse species. I hadn’t realised they weren’t all the same before. Strange little beasties.

      • Perhaps we shall both learn more. I’ve never seen one that did not roll up. They also eat several plants, such as lily of the valley (convolarius, I think, or something like that.) 🙂

      • They’d better leave my lily-of-the-valleys alone! I have a lovely big pot of them – about 2 foot diameter – near the back door. They smell so wonderful in the spring.

      • I think if they are in a pot, you can prevent attack, somehow, by blocking entrance to any holes in the bottom of the pot, if you have them for drainage. I think copper tape works, but diatomaceous earth should, too… 🙂 Don’t you love the lilies of the valley, though!

      • A few more woodlouse pictures on today’s blog – I had fun hunting for them.

        I think it would be a bit late to keep them out of the big pot now though, as it’s a few years old and seems healthy enough. Fingers crossed.

        We were once in Paris on March 1st, and lily-of-the-valley bunches were being sold on the streets. It was lovely – more about that here:

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