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Inspired by Red Hen’s blog about flapjacks, I went off and took a photo of my rather ancient recipe book.  I bought it in a jumble sale (probably when I was running the White Elephant stall as a Guide – I loved haggling with old ladies – who were probably no older than I am now).  The binding round the edge had worn out, so I made some string by twisting a long loop of thread and then folding it back on itself, and rebound the cover.

Recipe book cover

My recipe book cover. I bought it at a jumble sale in September 1972 (when I was 13).   Isn’t it gorgeous?

Inside this slip-cover is a book to write your own recipes in. Sadly, it didn’t have any written in by the previous owner, but she had signed and dated it.  So it goes back a bit – but probably not contemporary with the lady’s clothes.

Signature of original recipe book owner

The signature of the original owner of my recipe book.

I crossed her name out and wrote mine in instead. The satisfaction of ownership. Then I started copying in recipes that I liked. The second one was for flapjacks, and here it is, from forty years ago.

Flapjack recipe

Flapjack recipe in my 13-year-old handwriting.

As you can see, I decided that the baking powder didn’t add much, and I no longer bother with it.  We only had a gas cooker then, but I copied in the Farenheit temperature. Years later, I had to convert it to Celsius (which we then called Centigrade).

I have no idea where I copied the recipe from. After a few years, I started recording the date when I’d added each recipe, and the source, as I became more aware that was the right sort of thing to do. 🙂

One of the later recipes, from when my girls were young, is for ‘Blue Peter Pumpkin Soup’.  (Blue Peter being a children’s tv programme.)  That one has become a family tradition around Hallowe’en, and very good it is too.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

6 thoughts on “Flapjacks

  1. Well, `my`recipe is really Mary Berry`s-I`m much more conscious about mentioning sources now too! And I also treasure old things now that I`m an old thing myself!

  2. I’m a recipe hoarder, and have developed a few of my own that I keep secret because they are in high demand. But I long for my mom’s old Five Roses cookbook from my 70’s childhood. I’ve seen a new edition and it’s just not the same (and it’s missing some of the old recipe faves I had).

    • I know what you mean! My trusty basic recipe book is a newer version of my mum’s one – though hers was a 50s one, so quite a few of the recipes in her version still had post-war austerity influences. Mine now looks almost as tattered as hers though! I just went to see how old it is – ha ha! Mine is a 1979 edition – oh, now I feel really ancient! I’ve just taken a photo of it, and am now going to see if I can figure out how to add it in the comment section. There’s an img tag, but I think I’ll have to upload it first… (Off to investigate new skills!)

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