Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Rainbow of fungi


A colourful day – saw a rainbow again, on the way to work. Bizarrely, it wasn’t actually raining when I saw it, though it had started to rain by the time I’d got the camera out.



Then I went out for a fungus walk at lunchtime (as you do) and saw some very brightly-coloured beauties.  I just cannot resist vivid fungi.  The ‘Blue Roundheads’ don’t quite live up to their name – ‘Yellowish-greenish Slimy Flatheads’ would be closer to the mark, but they were strikingly gloopy.  The Shaggy Ink-caps aren’t colourful, but they do have a great texture when fresh, and when they go over, they deliquesce into black slime that I think used to be used as ink.  I rather like the alternative name of Lawyer’s Wig too.

Edited: I hadn’t identified the red one correctly – it is probably another ‘Roundhead’ – the Redlead Roundhead, Leratiomyces ceres. So three of the new fungi I found this week were Roundheads, as I’d also found a yellow Garland Roundhead, but didn’t have a good photo. Last year I found some Cavaliers growing on the ‘green roof’ of our garage, which all goes rather well with being near the site of the first battle in the English Civil War.

Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

5 thoughts on “Rainbow of fungi

  1. Just marvellous! I`ll be paying closer attention to the ground this weekend too. Thank you!

  2. Hedwigia, would you mind telling me how you added the Related posts widget on your blog? I`m rooting around for some easy-and free!- way to do it. Thanks!

    • Do you mean the ‘Recent Posts’ bit? I don’t actually remember doing it, but on my blog, if I hover over the blog name at the top (next to the blog icon, which is next to the W icon), a dropdown list appears. One of the items is ‘widgets’, and clicking on this produces a list of things you can then drag onto the blog.

      Maybe some of that makes sense? Though different blog styles might be different?

      Alternatively – on the Dashboard, under Appearance, there’s a Widgets thingy.

  3. Not Recent Posts. No, it`s the “Related Posts” widget that pops up at the end of your post. It`s cool because it invites the reader to delve back into posts on your blog which are related to the subject you`ve written about. So, on this particular post it`s got three funghi related previous posts.

    I`ve looked up all kinds of suggestions for creating this Related Posts thingy but they point me in the direction of general chaos and mayhem to my non techy eyes and birdbrained head. 😉

    • Aha – I’d never noticed it before (and had trouble finding it – it only showed up when I clicked on the page with comments on)! I’m afraid I have no idea how it got there! I thought you’d already have found the widgets stuff, if you knew what they were called!

      I used to be very techy (was an ICT coordinator no less), but am feeling especially birdbrained today, as I am trying to get the hang of using my mobile phone, which I hardly ever use. My darling daughter has laughed at me because I thought I’d sent some texts via wifi, but apparently that is not possible. (Though how they got sent, I’ve no idea, because I didn’t seem to have a phone network connection at the time. Feeling very aged today!)

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