Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Advent streak


I’m stealing Red Hen’s idea here and starting an Advent fitness streak, though also a fully-clothed one, and definitely not all running.  Yesterday I did five circuits up and down the stairs – a gentle start, but I did run up each time.  Today I ran (very slowly) a mile, in the dark.  So I feel very virtuous.

Target is to be a bit fitter for Christmas, and to run a nice slow 5k on the 15th December, which will be exactly a year since I joined the Couch to 5k NHS running forum, and did my first one minute runs.  I may not be running very much, but I am definitely fitter than I was a year ago, when running for a minute nearly finished me off.   Though looking at my heart-rate and the super-slow pace, I can see that I have plenty of scope for improvement to get back to where I was earlier in the year – but I’m not in a rush.

Running a mile

Mile runs this year


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

6 thoughts on “Advent streak

  1. You have some good mile times! I’m trying to get under 12 mins per mile so I don’t think that you are a slow runner! It all relative I expect.

    • Well, I was a good bit faster in the summer, when I’d been running more. The best run was in the middle of the 5×50 challenge, when I was doing 30 minutes of keep-fit every day for 50 days – but the idea that maybe I’m not at heart really a slow runner is a very strange idea indeed! I have definitely lapsed somewhat since then, though.

      However – I did another mile today, and it took 14:15, so over a minute faster than yesterday, and I didn’t feel so rough at the start either. I deliberately started off slower, and then kept a steadier pace. Slow and steady – how could I have forgotten that? 🙂

      • I think there’s something to be said for steady, trying to do something as frequently as you can I think that’s when you improve. Every day for 50 days- not sure I could manage that! I suppose it’s just finding a way a 30 minute DVD, no need to go out, no babysitter something like that
        Well done on your 50 day streak!

  2. Quite a few of the days were 30 minutes of yoga (some of which was not very vigorous!). But I did get to be the fittest I’ve ever been in my life! I’ve just signed up for it again this year (even though it doesn’t start until next March) here: http://www.5×

    I may be a rebel this time though, and aim for 20 minutes rather than 30, as sometimes 30 was really hard to fit in.

  3. Slow or not, running a mile is more than most people can do, let alone most women of our age. I am not sure I could do a mile without stopping at the moment, though I could do it last April when I trained with a group of colleagues. I shall have to follow your example and start again!

    • Well, I suppose that’s a fair point! I’ve done it for four consecutive days now, though today it was dark when I got back from work, so I might do some Tai Chi instead.

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