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Jolly Holly

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My front door looks all bright and Christmassy now:

Holly for Christmas

Holly for Christmas

Apparently, according to research sponsored by Sky Rainforest Rescue, rather a lot of British people can’t recognise holly:

The average British adult cannot identify some of the country’s most common trees, a survey has revealed.
The study, which tested our basic knowledge of the UK’s most populous shrubs showed that many adults can’t tell a maple tree from an oak or a fir.
It also revealed that nine out of ten people struggle to identify the pointed leaves and red berries of a holly tree, and large numbers also have no idea where conkers come from.  Read more

(Being a pedant, I’d quibble with the use of both of the words ‘populous’ and ‘shrubs’ in there.)

Can only 1 person in 10 recognise holly?  Not that this example is so easy to recognise, I suppose, as the leaves next to the berries tend to have fewer (or no) spikes, and there is some ivy hiding in there too.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

One thought on “Jolly Holly

  1. Lovely door hanging. That is quite shocking about not knowing the differences…

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