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Advent streaking update – trouble with laps


I’ve done something every day so far, even though some have been a bit minimal.  I couldn’t go out for a run this afternoon, as I was waiting for the plumber to fix a dripping tap (what’s the betting I stay in all afternoon and he doesn’t come?).  I felt quite energetic though, so decided to do stair circuits, with the heart rate monitor on, to see how it would compare with the same thing back in August.

So I put the monitor on, got the watch set up, and off I went.  I was using the lap register, and clicked it every time I got back downstairs for the next lap.  For the first five minutes or so, I was watching my heart rate, which went up to about 130 and then stayed there pretty much, which is fine.  Then I checked the time.  What?!  Only 2 min 30 seconds?  Something strange was happening – the time seemed to be going very slowly!  Then I realised that it actually wasn’t going at all for some of the circuits…

I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) stop to work out what was happening, so, as it has sometimes played up a bit before, I decided that I must have done about five minutes already, as I was pretty sure I’d done more than ten laps, so planned to do another five minutes by the clock at the top of the stairs.

But then I wasn’t sure I’d have done a full ten minutes, so I made myself keep going.

When I finally stopped, the watch registered 8:56.  I thought I’d track my heart rate slowing back down, to see how fast it recovered – and then it dawned on me.

I hadn’t been using the lap button at all…

In the heat of the excitement of thinking about all that lovely data I’d have to analyse, I’d mixed up the buttons.  Instead of registering laps, I’d being stopping it and starting it completely (which is blindingly obvious in retrospect) – so half of my laps were registering at all.  Doh!  I probably did almost 18 minutes of stair circuits instead of the intended ten!  Hey ho.  Something good came out of it anyway.

Garmin watch

Garmin watch – with glasses on and/or brain engaged, it is easy to see that the bottom right button is for laps

But if I want lap data to play with, I’ll have to do it again…

Edit:  I did do it again – but the plumber arrived in the middle (and he fixed the drip, hurrah!)  So then I started again, for the third time, and did another ten minutes (28 circuits – quite a bit faster than the 25 I did in August).   I’m happy with that.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

3 thoughts on “Advent streaking update – trouble with laps

  1. Climbing stairs is an excellent idea if one can`t get out for a run. I like that you`d a baseline worked out too so you can see your progression.
    And, hey, here`s to the plumber for getting to you in, what must be, a really busy week for him!

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