Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Spring crocuses and iris


Some gorgeous colour in the garden today.

Yellow crocus in bud

Yellow crocus – makes me think of a rocket

Purple crocuses in gravel

Purple crocuses in gravel

Purple crocus

Purple crocus

Iris sibirica

Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica)


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

9 thoughts on “Spring crocuses and iris

  1. Lovely photos as always, spring could just be around the corner (hopefully)

    • Thanks! It was a lovely morning here today – though I was indoors doing maths coaching. It’s good seeing bursts of colour popping up – I love the yellow crocuses particularly. The sparrows haven’t started ripping them to bits yet!

      No running for me for a while – I’m trying to get the skin on my face to calm down again, but not being very successful, which is annoying.

  2. Thanks for the burst of colour! We here in Ontario are literally knee deep in snow. 😦

    • Glad it cheered you up! We haven’t had snow properly this winter – but there has been an awful lot of rain. Hope it’s not too long before you see some flowers too!

  3. Such rich colours! We really have to get up close and personal with flowers to truly appreciate their beauty don`t we?

  4. Lovely photos – I miss the golden crocuses in particular. But we have signs of spring here, too. I saw a blue rock thrush collecting nest material at the weekend.

  5. So wonderful with all crocus:) Soon they will come here as well.

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