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Shrove Tuesday – Gluten-free Pancake Day

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Gluten-free pancakes!  The sweet ones (with dark brown sugar and lime juice) were not quite as good as wheat ones, to my taste-buds (and I wasn’t too keen on the smell as they cooked), but the savoury ones were very good.

I used:

4 tablespoons of buckwheat flour (about 4 oz)

1 egg

Enough milk to make a fairly runny batter (I didn’t measure it, but something like half a mugful, maybe a bit more).

Then I fried them in hot butter.

When nearly cooked both sides, sprinkle on some grated strong Cheddar cheese, add some parsley and chopped ham.  When the cheese is melted, slide the pancake onto a plate, roll it up and eat.  I managed about half a dozen (look – they are very tiny).  Nom nom nom.

According to the buckwheat flour packet, French crepes and Russian blinis are often made with buckwheat flour – so a perfectly acceptable alternative to wheat-flour pancakes.


Cheese, ham and parsley savoury pancake before rolling


Author: Hedwigia

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