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Potato planting and a frogspawn update


I planted my birthday potatoes today.  The potato bag is a natty design with flaps (it reminds me of old-fashioned flap-bottomed pyjamas) so you can extract a few potatoes without digging up the whole plant.  Not sure it’s really all that useful (I’ve always dug several plants up at once anyway, as they keep) but fun anyway.

Potato bag

Flapped potato bag (flap at bottom left, velcroed shut)

The potatoes had already chitted (sprouted) themselves in the packaging. Nice strong shoots.


Chitting potatoes variety ‘Apache’ which are red and white in patches.

The frogs have been very busy all week, and the pond has masses of spawn. Last week’s spawn is already showing signs of developing heads and bodies – the newer batch is still small and spherical.


Week old spawn on the left, fresh spawn on the right

And these are just because they’re cute and pretty.

Goldfinch and Greenfinch

Goldfinch and male Greenfinch eating sunflower seeds

Long-tailed Tits

Long-tailed Tits


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

3 thoughts on “Potato planting and a frogspawn update

  1. I like the design of that potato bag. We always have too many potatoes all at once, and while I was thinking of the barrel method, I thought it would be too difficult to get the biggest potatoes out first. That solves that problem.

  2. I’ll report back on how well it works in a few months! 🙂

  3. Great pics! Paper egg cartons are a great idea for planting seedlings, aren’t they?
    You’ re another victim of my WordPress Reader by the way. Your entries haven’t popped up there for a while now. Must go check see what I’ve missed!

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