Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

Tai Chi and gardens


I started learning Tai Chi last year, and really enjoy it. It’s calm and gentle, but it really helps to loosen up my neck and shoulders after too much computer slumping.

Apparently, it is World Tai Chi Day, where people all round the world are taking part in Tai Chi sessions at 10 am, sending a wave of peace and calmness round the world’s time zones.  I rather liked that idea, so I joined in a lovely session this morning in a village garden, along with bees, birds and flowers.  Beautiful!

If you’ve never tried Tai Chi, and get a chance, do try it.

The green and purple border is at Coton Manor garden, near Northampton, which we visited a few days ago.  That would be a lovely place to do Tai Chi too.  Those purple tulips have amazing fringes along the edges of the petals – very strange.

The flamingoes are free-range, and they move as though they are doing Tai Chi, placing their feet oh-so-carefully.




Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

2 thoughts on “Tai Chi and gardens

  1. I am sorry I missed world Tai Chi day – I have only done it once but enjoyed it. Exercise outside is definitely a nice idea.

  2. Never tried it. But it sounds like it would be most beneficial. What a wonderful photo of that flamingo. Such a strange looking bird!

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