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Moving slowly through the UK countryside

ilike my iphone


I’ve finally caved in and bought myself an iphone, after years of having an extremely basic mobile.  Oh, what fun I’ve had this weekend!  Photos taken, messages and emails flying, web pages read and apps downloaded.  Time wasted.  🙂

I am very pleased with the camera so far.  It can’t get quite as close up as my main camera, and won’t zoom so far away – but it’s pretty good.  The lighting was lovely this weekend – very autumnal with alternating sun and heavy showers plus some mist.

Stag's-horn sumach (Rhus typhina) in its autumn glory

Stag’s-horn sumach (Rhus typhina) in its autumn glory

Village church in golden Horton stone

Village church in golden Horton stone

Rainy street and a rainbow

Rainy street and a rainbow – and the old village pump

Misty morning

Misty morning

Minute toadstools, about 1 cm tall, amongst moss

Minute toadstools, about 1 cm tall, amongst moss

I’ve only tried out a few apps so far. A couple of weeks ago, I have to confess to not being entirely sure what an ‘app’ was, but now I know. I like being able to record birds, butterflies, ladybirds and mammals out ‘in the field’ so those are handy, and seem to work pretty well.  I was lucky enough to spot a kingfisher on Saturday, and a jay on Sunday, so the bird recording got off to a very good start, as I don’t often see either of those.  It must have been blue-feathered bird weekend.

A pulse rate app (cardiio) that works by detecting minute changes in face colour (or by a finger over the camera lens) is amazing, and surprisingly accurate too.  It is free, but I’ve just noticed it’s only free ‘for a limited time’. Having the phone even got me out walking/running, so I could try out ‘map my walk‘ – I need a bit more practice to deserve ‘map my run‘ I think though.

So, a busy weekend.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

8 thoughts on “ilike my iphone

  1. Great photos from you iPhone! Very impressive. I have used my iPhone and very happy with it.

  2. Hi Di welcome to the i world, lovely photos as always but will never be as good as your trusty camera, it is after all a phone 😃 Good to hear from you, take care. Liz x

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Very good photos from your new phone! That’s an easy way to always have a camera with you now 🙂

    • Thank you. I tried to take pictures of a very small ladybird today. I only managed fuzzy ones with the iPhone, but got much better shots with the ‘proper’ camera, so I’m not going to abandon it yet!

  4. I fell into the iphone market last Christmas. Mixed feelings, because I loved my android. Hate that it doesn’t have enough memory(It’s a 4S), love that it does so much though.

    • I’m still finding new things to do – I wasn’t sure whether I’d use it much, and had put off getting one for ages as I knew I didn’t really need one. But, my goodness, I’ve been using it so much. Though not much for phone calls!

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