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iphone tracking map

Phone tracking

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I just read this post from Red Hen Run’s blog, all about Google tracking where we’ve been with our phones.

It turned out that I’ve somehow switched off Google tracking (info here) but then I decided to investigate Apple tracking (more appealing than the work I should be doing).

I sort of knew my phone tracked where I’ve been, but it was a bit strange actually seeing a map.  On the phone it doesn’t show the routes, just ‘frequent locations’ I’ve stopped at (though apparently the full data is stored and transferred to my desktop when I sync my phone).  But it does also include full details of the times when I’ve been at each location (I can see just how many extra hours I’ve done at work!). The records go back further than a month.  Here’s part of the map.

iphone tracking map

iPhone tracking map

Here’s where I found out how to view the map and details – and how to switch various things off, should you be interested. I’ve switched that off now, as it doesn’t seem all that useful, but it’s made me more aware of what my phone is up to.  l don’t think you can actually stop apple collecting the data though, other than by switching the phone off.


Author: Hedwigia

Gardener, wildlife geek, and very slow runner.

One thought on “Phone tracking

  1. Very interesting. I had no idea you could see this. But I must have a different version of the iphone or something – I followed the instructions easily right up to the one that said I would see ‘History’ at the bottom, and there was nothing there. But I have turned several things on or off (mainly off) as I went through, so it was a useful exercise.

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