Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

About my slow and steady running

I’m a middle-aged mum who started running in December 2012, using the wonderful NHS couch to 5k programme podcasts and the website for moral support.

I’m slow and steady.  I may be slow, but I can keep going (when I’m in the right mood).  I also like taking photos, especially close-up pictures of wildlife.

15th Dec 2012: Week 1, run 1 of c25k – 60 seconds of running – hard work
17th Dec 2012: Week 1, run 2 – new shoes and didn’t manage all eight sets of 60 seconds!
15th Jan 2013: Week 5, run 3 – 20 minutes of running
9th Feb 2013: Week 9, run 1 – 35 minutes – 3.6k, 2.2 miles

13th Feb: Week 9, run 3 – 40 minutes – 4.15k (15:26 min/mile) – my ‘graduation’ run Graduation blog here

17th Feb: 54 minutes – 5.6k – first time over 5k (15:25 min/mile)
(It isn’t really recommended to increase distance by more than 10% a week, so this wasn’t entirely sensible, but I was plodding along very slowly and would have stopped if anything had started hurting.)
5th May: 100 minutes – 10k (16:00 min/mile)
31st March to mid May – 5×50 challenge, 5k or 30 min exercise every day for 50 days
18th May: Parkrun 5k in 41:18 (13:21min/mile)
June 2013 – Juneathon – exercised most days (a bit wobbly in the middle)
30th June – Race for Life 5k, 46 minutes in sunshine, rather warm (14:43 min/mile)
8th August – 5k in 43:42 in warm sunshine again (14:00 min/mile)
17th August – One mile in 10:55 – couldn’t keep that up for three miles (5k) yet, but I’m heading in the right direction. (I may have spoken too soon!)

… then a bit of a dip down towards the end of the year …
Jan 2014 – challenged myself to get back into running at least a mile three times a week (but somewhat slower than last August)

March 2014 – missing running, as I’m currently keeping indoors, in attempt to get my eczema-prone face to settle down – trying to work out what exercise I’ll do for the 5×50 challenge without going outside, but hoping to be able to get back to slow, steady running again soon


8 thoughts on “About my slow and steady running

  1. Hello ! Just found your blog via redhenrun-another one that’s new to me.Ive just realised you are the same greenlegs who kindly left a comment on one of my C25K posts recently……small world 🙂
    I’ve clicked to follow yours and look forward to a good read through your archive posts too.
    Glad to have discovered you – best wishes, Carole ( Carolecal on C25K)

  2. Hi Hedwigia. Thanks so much for visiting me at my ‘summerhouse’ and for the follow. I hope you enjoy reading what you find there. I am so impressed with your running, puts me to shame!!! It’s been great meeting new ‘friends’ from Project O. I will take a look and read your other posts and I have also signed up to follow you. Have a great day 🙂

  3. I posted this on your article for Project O as well!

    Thank you for taking part in Project O Hedwigia! I hope you found the experience enjoyable and it went as you had foreseen. I hope to work on this data further in the future and to then present it to all of you. Again thanks for participating! -OM

    • You’re welcome. Yes, it is/was an interesting project to be involved with, and I enjoyed reading about so many other people, from such different backgrounds. I still keep remembering more things that have influenced how my opinions have developed through my life.

      The topic of opinions and being able (or not) to express them is particularly relevant in the light of news I saw this week about bloggers being imprisoned for including links to articles about political issues. 😦

  4. Thanks for subscribing to my blog! I hope you enjoy the posts and will leave me feedback or critique when applicable!

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