Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside


Cleaning windows and running a mile

Our summer task is redecorating the outside of the house. Today I’ve been up a ladder, with a toothbrush and ‘household cream cleaner’, and a lot of elbow-grease, preparing window frames for repainting.  Black mould does not come off easily.


There are 16 panes in each window and I’ve prepared two windows. That makes well over 100 edges I’ve scrubbed down. Painting will start tomorrow, if it’s fine, and will probably take a couple of hours for each window. Yes, plastic would be easier. But not as nice. I’m not thinking about how many other windows there are.

So, as light relief from all that, I ran a mile this evening. It wasn’t as fast as I could run in the middle of the 5×50 challenge, but 12:08 min/mile wasn’t too bad, and I really enjoyed myself. Funny that it has taken until my 50s to find out that I actually like running – but better late than never.

In the garden, our apple cordons are coming on well – the fruit is starting to blush from all the sun we’ve had.

Apple cordons

Apple cordons beginning to ripen