Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside

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Moths and butterflies

Well, not many moths and butterflies, but I did see two Green-veined White butterflies, quite a few Burnet moth chrysalises and a Yellow Shell moth.  I walked just over 3 miles, which included edges of wheat and rape fields, a stream, a path through a meadow with buttercups and clover – just beginning to flower, and the edge of a lake at a stately home that is now an art gallery (Compton Verney) and some woodland.  Later on, I went to see a friend in the village, and jogged most of the way home, including a short steepish hill.

 footpath bridge

Footpath bridge over stream

footpath direction

Footpath direction post

Burnet moth chrysalis

Burnet moth chrysalis on Meadow Foxtail grass

hawthorn blossom

Hawthorn blossom

Green-veined White

Green-veined White butterfly on Cow Parsley, Anthriscus sylvestris

pink Hogweed

Pink Hogweed flowers (just part of the flowerhead) – usually they are white

Yellow Shell moth

Yellow Shell moth




Walking is better than sitting

OK, not very energetic, but a 25 minute walk is better than sitting still.  And I have done quite a bit of shoulder-rolling…

No, not very convincing.

These Forget-me-nots have tiny little flowers, just a few millimetres across, but they are very pretty close-up.

This is where I walked.

Buttercup meadow

Creeping Buttercups in the foreground, and Meadow Buttercups (taller ones) in the background.

















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Chilled yoga

Back to work after half term.  Yippee.  I feel fully back into the swing of things already.

The good side is after-work yoga – 90 minutes of stretching and relaxing.  Very chilled, so much so that I had to keep my eyes open in the final relaxation session, because I kept feeling that ‘uh!’ sensation you get just as your muscles spasm when you’re dropping off to sleep.  I do not want to be the first person to snore in front of work colleagues.

Now, nothing to do with yoga, but I wanted a pretty picture, and one of the prettiest things in our garden are the buttercups.  So here’s Creeping Buttercup, which has runners, and is thus very appropriate for Juneathon (leaves in the background are Woundwort, which stink).  We also have Meadow Buttercups and Bulbous Buttercups.  Lucky us.

Creeping Buttercup, Ranunculus repens