Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside


Frozen canal and Jupiter’s moons

Grand Union Canal

Grand Union Canal frozen with snowy topping

Snow! But not enough to interfere with travel, just enough for prettiness.

The ducks weren’t quite sure what to make of it though.

Mallards walking on water

Mallards walking on water

This evening, the moon was full, so I went out to take some photos – not that it will look any different from the shots I’ve taken before, but it’s fun (if a bit cold) trying out different settings on the camera. None of them worked too well though, as I’ve misplaced the tripod attachment, so I was balancing the camera on a step-ladder. Not ideal.

Even so, I managed to get some pictures of Jupiter (shining brightly a bit to the left of the moon, should you want to go and have a look outside), and by zooming in and playing with the settings, I picked up three of its moons too (all in a straight diagonal line from bottom left to top right). I’ve posted pictures of them before, but it still amazes me that I can photograph them. Apparently Jupiter is between 300 and 600 million miles away. I can’t really imagine that.

Jupiter and three moons

Jupiter and three moons