Slow and steady

Moving slowly through the UK countryside


Freaky fungi

We had a couple of days in Derbyshire, staying at Hathersage.  The heavy rain made crossing the River Derwent stepping stones rather exciting, as the stones were pretty much all under the surface, and some were so far under that the water went inside our walking boots.

After our lovely autumnal river-side walk, we drove up to Stanage Edge, to feel the force of the wind building up for the overnight storm. I found various tiny fungi.  It seems strange that people went to all the effort to make millstones from the rock, but then left them there. Maybe they weren’t good enough for some reason?

The following day was fly fishing training day for hubby and younger daughter. Older daughter and I spent an hour walking round the fishing pools in pouring rain, but then the sun came out and it was lovely. One bank was covered in troops of fungi – at least five different species, and wonderful colours – red, yellow (or black), apricot, shiny brown and pure white.  The scarlet ones were my favourites.

This one wasn’t in Derbyshire though – I found this in the logpile when we got back home. What a vivid colour.

Cobalt Crust fungus

Cobalt Crust fungus on chipboard, Terana caerulea

After a bit of investigation, I’ve worked out how to use the tiled gallery. I think. It appears to not be connected to the ‘Format’ Gallery… Confusing! I know, I should have tried this on a test blog. Sorry. 🙂



Running mojo goes walkabout

Well I did run, so that’s something, I suppose, and for half an hour – though it was slow even by my standards, so I only covered 2 miles (3.2km). Garmin tells me it was 19 C, which seems about right – pretty warm in the sunshine, as there wasn’t much shade.

Earlier on, I went for a short amble on my way home from walk (must have covered all of 200m in 20 minutes), which was really lovely – some less-common wild flowers, such as Sanicle, Valerian and Hairy Violet, lots of birds singing and a hairy caterpillar too.

Cow Parsley in a country lane

It was lovely out, but on my run, I just kept thinking about my calves being tired, being hot and sticky, and wondering why I was doing it. I wanted to stop and look at butterflies, beetles, flowers and birds. Maybe when it’s sunny I need to just do very short runs, and longer walks, and enjoy the scenery more.

So… Should I keep running, so my legs don’t forget how, or ease off in warm weather, and enjoy the wildlife?